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Motivationsanschreiben Performer


For management positions with managerial experience

You get:

  • 1 professional and individual motivation letter (spontaneous application or on an advertisement)
  • The data of your application will be designed in Word (or in another format if you wish)
  • Dispatch by email
  • the professional documents are editable, ie you can reproduce and supplement them.


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Conception of a professional cover letter / application letter

Worn-out phrases and empty phrases do not lure anyone out from behind the stove – least of all a personnel officer. If you want to attract attention with your application, the concept must be right. This can look very different depending on the length of your search and the companies you apply to.

The content of an application is actually known to everyone, but many find it difficult to come up with a nice text for the application letter. Perhaps you are at a loss in the blank sheet or you are using an application that you have already designed for another position in the past.

Risks of a rash application

• the application letter does not suit you
• the application does not match the advertised position
• the application immediately ends up in the filing system

What is really important?

There is no simple answer. Each application is specifically tailored to the position and the applicant. First, analyze the ad and focus on what skills the employer is looking for. Then you will already speak about your suitability in the cover letter. Depending on what the focus of the job offer is, your application letter will vary.

Which tonality is appropriate?

Again, it depends on which company you apply to. What is the tone of conversation among colleagues and how was the advertisement written? Often you can get an idea of ​​the usual tone and formulate it in this early phase. Nevertheless, it is advisable for applicants to act politely. This also means putting the letter to the company at the center, if it is not about your special skills.

How does this work?



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